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Oct. 9th, 2017 10:21 am[personal profile] gizmometer
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I kinda dropped the ball here awhile, huh?

Jax is a year old now and when his brain is locatable he's amazing. The rest of the time he's a teenage toddler: I DON'T WANNA YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME I CAN'T HEAR YOU WHAT NO I'M NOT TOO TIRED I DON'T NEED A NAP YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD

Still cute as heck. Up to about 85# now. A few more months of bone growth probably, then filling out. Once the bones are done, we can start mobility work in earnest! I'm really excited for that part. I think he'll enjoy it and I'm also looking forward to the help. On good-brain days, he's starting to be able to be helpful and work together with me rather than need active management by me when we're out. Other days he stays home :P But he's making good progress.

Big news: Patreon! I made one! You can get in on it! https://www.patreon.com/tobymacnutt It also has a public post with my three next upcoming projects outlined. I got tired of waiting for the right opportunity to make installations so fuck it let's make em time's a-wasting. And I'm working on reaching out more in the dance world and making collaborative work that way. (I got to go to the first ever New England Choreographers' Retreat at Jacob's Pillow, y'all!) There's a lot of things in life I've had to do in isolation, struggling and alone, but art-making doesn't have to be one of those things. <3


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